Who Is Scott Brewer?

What is Elev8ted Movement and FRC?

Why Should YOU Find Out?

By Maryln Kaufman


Here is my story.


PAIN in my right knee, since 2012, was my CrossFit partner. Recovery from multiple unfortunate injuries to my right lower extremity, unrelated to CrossFit, was a challenge. Right leg muscle atrophy, imbalance in my stature and movements were the side affect of such a miserable partner called PAIN. Squatting, lunging, running, just about everything I did….hurt. On days it was less painful, the clicking and clunking in my knee, weakness, imbalance, and insecurity in my ability to perform CrossFit movements, limited not only my movements but also my joy.


In 2017, I started watching, through the window of our lobby at this “thing” that Scott Brewer does; this thing called FRC (Functional Range Conditioning), I could not understand what the heck he was doing! I just didn’t get it and what did the sign, Elev8ted Movement, mean?


Last year an orthopedic Dr. took X-rays of my knee and told me, “You are lucky to have these issues because it means you are alive.” I questioned, “Are you telling me I’m old and I should settle for weakness and pain?” His cavalier response was, in short, “Yes”.

Well, THAT SURE STIRRED MY FIRE!!!! I returned to my Box more determined than ever.


In spite of my weaknesses and discomforts, I competed in the CrossFit Games Open in 2016 and 2017 and made it into the Regionals 60+ Division. With my Coaches’ encouragement I decided it was a reasonable goal to aim for the CrossFit Games in 2018. But I had some real serious issues to overcome.


One day, with an open mind, I walked into Scott’s Elev8ted Movement office, sat down and told him about my painful knee, right leg atrophy, imbalances and cranky shoulders. I said, “I’m almost 62 years old and I have a goal. I am training for the CrossFit Games Open with the goal of qualifying for the CrossFit Games.” I was a little embarrassed to suggest I had such a lofty goal and with so many physical issues, but Scott never blinked and said, “Yes, I can help you.”

I started meeting with Scott once a week. I didn’t really “get” exactly how what I was doing in that room was going to help me, but I hunkered down and did the work. I also did the homework he suggested. I drank the Kool Aid, as they say. What I do is still a little bit of a mystery but each and every week I gain a greater understanding.


It’s been about 4 months since I first started working with Scott. After 2 months I added Scott’s Powerlifting Class to my therapy.


PLEASE ask my coach, Logan, and my long time WODing friend Faith, or my Powerlifting partner, Art, how I am doing. My strength, balance, stability and trust, in my body, to perform is improving by leaps and bounds. Scott has transformed my lower body and I can use it intelligently with ever increasing confidence.


We are adding my shoulders into the equation next.

I am so EXCITED!


But not until last week did I realize something that brought me to near tears. I have been doing my WODs without pain. I don’t even know the day it went away. It was a gradual process. There were times I would fight back the tears, during WODs, wondering what it would feel like to box jump or squat without the awful discomfort? I know what it feels like now. It’s WONDERFUL.


My gratitude to Scott is enormous and I’m even beginning to understand how FRC works. Scott frequently uses the word, intelligently, when giving me instructions on how to control and move my body. My attitude toward my body has changed. I see it as a very intelligent machine. It WANTS me to work it to it’s end range capabilities. It NEEDS me to do it intelligently.


I’m not done “getting better”. Personally, I don’t think there is an end point. “Yes, Mr. Orthopedic Dr. I’m 62yrs old but never does that number mean you have to stop, or settle. It means I have 62 years of life to draw wisdom from. I was wise enough to walk into Elev8ted Movement and explore options instead of settling. “


So, what does Scott Brewer do on the other side of that huge window in the Freakin Fitness lobby or out on the work out floor in the main bay? He Elev8s your movements, wisdom about your body, and how it works.


Thank you, Scott, for partnering with Coach Logan and Freakin Fitness to help make me the best CrossFitter I can possibly be.


Elev8ted Movement Website: CLICK HERE



Freakin Fitness in Pembroke Pines is excited to partner with the first established FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) Therapist in South Florida.