Extremely proud of our community:

Special Recognition to some outstanding performances:

RX DIVISION BELOW of top 300 standings:

Julie Gallo 34th South East Region

Julie Gonzalez 65th South East Region

Ryan Verdecia 128th South East Region

Adrian Florido 167th South East Region

Jessie Mandy 254th South East Region

Lexi Quintana 258th South East Region

Shane Kaufman 301 South East Region

BELOW 60+ Age Division:

Maryln Kaufman 63rd in WORLD, 1st in FL

Michael Kaufman 39th in South East Region, 26th in FL

BELOW 35-39 Age Division:

Joan Graterole 131st South East Region, 68th in FL

Rose Diaz 238th South East Region

Santiago Viso 246th South East Region

BELOW 40-44 Age Division:

Hector Quinones 293rd South East Region

Renata Santoro 256th South East Region

Nicholas Kiniaris 175th South East Region, 71st in FL

BELOW 45-49 Age Division:

Laura Ryan 53rd in South East Region, 26th in FL

BELOW 50-54 Age Division:

Tripp Rentz 127th South East Region, 65th in FL

Santiago Grossi 89th in South East, 38th in FL

BELOW 55-59 Age Division:

Alberto Menacho 204th South East, 99th in FL


BELOW Teens 14-15 Age:

Nathaniel Arteaga 33rd in South East Region, 8th in FL