IT TOOK A FREAKIN TEAM to get me to 23rd fittest Masters 60+ woman in the world; just 3 spots away from making it to the 2018 CrossFit Games


Who made up this team at Freakin Fitness?

Some very thoughtful, motivating, experts who knew what it would take and who believed in me. How do I thank them for this amazing journey?  They all do this because they LOVE what they do. They believe in what they do. I’m a recipient of their gifts, talent and very hard work.


Who are these amazing people?

Lets start with the owners of Freakin Fitness; Logan, Storm, and Shane Kaufman have nurtured and provided an environment for not just CrossFit Competitors but a wonderful member base who supported and encouraged every new PR I hit, or didn’t hit. Their daily words like “good job”, “good work” or just a pat on the back, thumbs up, or fist bump was fuel enough for me to give it my all one more day.


COACH LOGAN has been my trainer for over 9 years.  Nothing seemed to surprise him. (Well, maybe the 50 DUBS I strung together once during the OPEN surprised him). He was my “steady Eddie” when I was a little panicky and feeling so far behind in my HSPU’s, C2B’s or the dreaded DUB’s. He recently told me that the only thing that challenged him while training me was my tears and he even figured out how to handle those. He taught me that baby steps would get me there when I wanted giant leaps. He was tough on me. He did not cut me any slack.  It was his belief in me that turned my spark into a raging fire. Thank you Logan.


COACH STORM was a wise voice of counsel. He was always there for my menagerie of questions. But nothing compares to Storm coaching me on my final Regional WOD just hours before I had to submit all my Regional scores. This was going to be a “redo” and it was my 3rd WOD that day. I felt like I had nothing left to give. But the intense look in Storm’s eyes that said, “You not only can do this but you can get a better tie breaker score and do even MORE after the tie breaker……and I did. Thank you Storm.


THERAPIST/COACH SCOTT BREWER coached me in the Hybrid method before it was popular, FRC which initially looked like a physical foreign language and MAT which felt like magic. RESULTS were AMAZING. Scott is a one stop body shop laced with #Goggins. Scott took me on with a wrecked knee and a squat that was quite lopsided due to the weakness, clunking and pain in that knee. 10 months later I competed in the Regionals with a strong bilaterally equal squat and no pain; first time in 5yrs. We worked really hard. I gained a new friend. It was all worth it. Thank you Scott.


NUTRITION COACH JAVIER MILIAN slimmed me down and taught me how to put the best fuel in my engine. I felt strong, I recovered fast, and it helped me feel emotionally very stable. No more sugar ups and downs. It wasn’t hard. While slimming down, I was shoveling food in my mouth before bed. Ask my husband, Michael. I complained about how much I had to eat. I’d mumble, “I don’t want to eat another yogurt, banana and dark chocolate granola cereal before bed,” all while watching 10lbs disappear in 8 weeks. Thank you, Javie


COACH LEE was a perfect assist to Logan and “Yes, Lee, if you piss me off at just the right moment, I’ll climb that rope one more seemingly impossible time.” How very valuable that little piece of information was about me before the Regionals began.  During a Regional WOD that I was REPEATING, I just wasn’t getting my HSPU. With my frustration mounting, Lee motioned to Logan to have me just quit. Logan did the “cut” sign by motioning his hand across his neck and he stepped slightly in-between me and the wall.  “Yep, that pissed me off and I ignored them both and finish my 9 HSPU without issue”. Thank you Lee.


JULIE GALLO, (Ranked 36th in the Individual Regional Atlantic Division)   is our front desk manager, friend and a fellow competitive athlete. I watched Julie’s every move during the OPEN. I watched how she slowly warmed up, set up her station for her WOD’s, paced her WOD’s and how she handled the moments of extreme intensity during the WOD’s. There was comfort in working beside someone who, with or without words, knew the emotions and physical challenges to this type of competition. How very lucky I was to have this seasoned athlete working beside me every single day. Thank you, Julie


FAITH KUHN is my dear friend and WODDing buddy. Do not underestimate the power of a WODDing buddy. Faith tolerated an inordinate amount of time with me talking about myself. So much so that even I got sick of talking about me! She didn’t tolerate any negativity in my attitude or words. She texted me constantly with words of encouragement, strategies for WOD’s and kept the hilarious GIF’s coming. During the OPEN and the Regionals she counted the moments of time I wasted in a WOD and calculated how many more reps I could get if I repeated that WOD. She attended each competitive WOD she could even though I was silent, focused and no fun to be around. Before each WOD she would look at me with eyes that said, “I believe in you and you can do this but DON’T YOU DARE F#^ck  THIS UP.” If you have a WODDing friend like Faith, you have a gift. Thank you Faith.


Dr. Jeffrey Dach, my Natural Medicine Dr. did a thorough and extensive blood panel designed for my particular medical need, hypothyroidism, before I even committed to the year’s long journey. His natural medicine supplements were vital to my feeling of extreme health. I have never felt better. Thank you Dr. Dach.


There are so many family members, friends and fellow CrossFitters whom I would like to thank, who extended their support or simply kept me on my toes by WODDing beside me. Thank you, ALL of you!!!


If you are lucky enough to have a spouse or significant other who embarrasses you by telling everyone within ear shot about your CrossFit accomplishments, count your lucky stars. I’m counting mine. Thank you Michael.


I did not reach my goal of qualifying for the 2018 CrossFit Games. But I did reach a more important goal that I had set for myself. My goal was to spend the year doing whatever it took, to listening to the experts, to sacrifice anything that would not help in this journey, to endure hurt, to never give up, to never give less than 100%, and when the OPEN and Regional WOD’s arrived I would give my heart and soul to NOT LEAVE ONE REP INSIDE OF ME. Mission accomplished.


With Gratitude,
Maryln Kaufman